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(Last updated on May 2018)

Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally on your computer by your web browser. You are asked whether you agree before setting cookies. You can delete cookies at any time once they have been set. Please refer to the instructions of your browser manufacturer for the settings. For more information see “How to manage cookies”.

What cookies do we use and why

We use session cookies:

For a functioning and individualized browsing experience, we use so called "session cookies" which will help to identify you while using our website. These "session cookies" will be deleted automatically and immediately after you close your browser.

We also use a "cookie notifier" cookie, which saves your decision either to agree with the usage of cookies on our website or not. It is saved automatically upon your click on one of the two options available. Your acceptance of our cookies is stored for one year from the acceptance date. If you decide to refuse our cookies, your decision will be stored for 30 days. During this time the cookie information banner will not be shown again.

We use social media cookies and plugins:

If you activate plug-ins or activity feeds of social media providers (such as YouTube), your web browser will connect to the servers of the respective provider and send your specific user data. These plug-ins and activity feeds are deactivated by default. As soon as you activate such plug-ins or activity feeds, you provide your consent to transmit your data.

In addition, if you are currently logged in to a social network of one of the above mentioned providers; your activity may be linked to your user account at the same time.

We use Third party cookies:

In order to provide you with personalized and relevant content of our and third party products and services we allow the placement of third party cookies. The storage duration of these cookies are set by the third parties.

How to manage cookies:

You have the right to refuse the use of cookies for this website. However, please note that if you choose not to accept the use of cookies you may not be able to experience the full functionality of this website. If you choose to delete cookies, you might have to confirm certain dialogs once again. Please note that your cookie settings are always related to the web browser you are using and the settings are of no effect if you use a different web browser upon your next use of this website.

In order to refuse the use of cookies, you will need to manage the settings of your web browser or on your mobile device. Here you can delete cookies at your own discretion at any time. More information on how to do this can be found here, depending on the web browser you are using:

For more information see our Privacy Statement.


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