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COVID-19 and implications on nutrition therapy

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COVID-19 - Feeding the critically ill COVID-19 patient

Join Pierre Singer from Israel, Juan Carlos Lopez-Delgado from Spain and Romano Tetamo from Italy in the first COVID-19 and nutrition support webinar. Learn about the guidance from new ESPEN expert statements and key learnings from hospitals' day-to-day challenges in providing adequate nutrition support.

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COVID-19 - How to optimize nutrition on the road to recovery

Watch Elisabeth De Waele from Belgium, Michael Hiesmayr from Austria and Martin Brodsky from the United States sharing their insights and experiences in the clinical nutrition field. Their lectures cover the specific aspects of nutrition support after acute illness, transfer management from the Intensive Care Unit and rehabilitative interventions in COVID-19 survivors based on cumulative current experience.

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COVID-19 patient: Worldwide experience from ICU to discharge

Frontline experts from the US, Asia and Europe share practical experiences and give you a guided approach to nutrition therapy.

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COVID-19 - Optimizing nutritional care post-hospital discharge

International experts share proven strategies and give a structured approach to nutrition therapy supporting recovery from COVID-19 after hospital discharge.

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