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2022 ASPEN Webinar Critical Care

We are happy to share further details about our second webinar in collaboration with ASPEN on June 29 at 13:00 EDT /19:00 CEST.

International experts will provide insights on how to best manage critically ill patients who may receive supplemental PN, along with a case-based discussion.

To join, please register directly on the ASPEN webpage.

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Find the agenda details below:


David Evans, MD, United States (Moderator)

Michele Kozieniecki, RD, United States (Didactic Review)

Martin Rosenthal, MD, United States (Case presentation)

Christian Stoppe, MD, Germany (Case presentation)

Juliana Tepedino, MD, Brazil (Discussant)


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June 29 at 13:00 EDT /19:00 CEST.
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