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Parenteral Nutrition in Critical Care

Catabolic stress, protein breakdown and loss of muscle mass, these and many other metabolic alterations occur during critical illness. Hear from top experts why parenteral nutrition is so important for some patients and their outcome.

Expert Advice Series


Focus protein mind the gap: Highlights
Top experts discuss the protein needs vs protein delivery in the critically ill patients. Learn from their experience how you can make a change in your patients’ outcome.
Value of omega 3 fatty acids: Highlights
From inflammatory markers and lab parameters to patient cases, let the experts guide you through the lipid emulsion’s evolution
Towards practical approaches: Highlights
Patients undergo several metabolic changes during critical illness, learn from the experts about the underlying mechanisms and how nutrition therapy plays a relevant role.
From theory to therapy: Highlights
From bench side to bed side, watch the experts debate the most recent findings in nutrition research, clinical trials and how to translate them into clinical practice.
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