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Recording of the Expert Round Sessions ESPEN Congress 2023, September 12th & 13th

The Expert Round sessions will be recorded on video that may also capture the audience.

Fresenius Kabi will process, use and publish these recordings (hereafter “Material”)

in unaltered or modified form for below “Communication Channels”:

The material will be published on the above Communication Channels for the purpose of:

In case you would like to avoid the recordings you may sit in the back or point out the film team for close-ups.

You may contact the following person for any further assitance when viewing the published material:

Angelika Nüssler:

Fresenius cannot guarantee the complete removal of the Material from the internet and the social media channels, as information posted there, including photographs, can easily be copied and distributed, or captured by specialized archiving services whose purpose is to permanently document the state of certain websites on specific dates and which are not subject to the influence of Fresenius. Furthermore, it is possible that the recordings/data may also be processed in countries which are not subject to European data protection laws.

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